wharfs - jetties - breakwaters - fendering systems - dredging - sheet piles

Marine structures are exposed to the harshest of elements: wind, waves, salt, storms, freezing temperatures, and heavy loads. Whether it’s for a small craft harbour, an industrial barge, or a ferry terminal, marine structures require a specialized approach throughout design and construction to withstand environmental forces, to meet complex regulatory requirements, and to safely service operational and user needs—all while working within tight capital budgets and timelines.

EastPoint has serviced the offshore and nearshore marine sector since our inception. Over the decades we’ve refined our marine practice through a deep portfolio of experience across the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

We collaborate closely with commercial, industrial, government, military, and private owners, taking the time to understand the unique opportunities and constraints of each site. We inspect, design, and rehabilitate marine structures using an outcome-focused approach that optimizes capital, maintenance and operation costs, extends the service life of existing assets where possible, and allows coastal communities to flourish.

EastPoint provides design solutions for berthing structures (piers, wharves, docks, fenders, piling, dolphins, bollards), dewatering structures (cofferdams), coastal protection structures (seawalls, bulkheads, jetties, breakwaters), as well as utility distribution and supporting site infrastructure. Our team has practical experience working with timber, concrete, steel, and composite materials.

  • Inspections and Studies: structural analysis, condition assessments, above and underwater inspections, berthing/mooring analysis, asset management, shoreline protection, feasibility studies
  • Permitting Assistance: permit applications, liaison with regulatory authorities having jurisdiction
  • Design for Rehabilitation and New Construction: opinions of probable costs, conceptual and detailed design, rehabilitation of existing assets, repair recommendations
  • Construction Support: full-service design, construction tender support, construction administration, claims analysis & mitigation

Georges Island Wharf

EastPoint was contracted by Develop Nova Scotia to complete a redesign of the George’s Island Wharf. George’s island is a historic site located in the center of Halifax Harbour with views of both the Halifax and Dartmouth waterfront

C.O.V.E Renovation

The C.O.V.E (Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship) was constructed to become an ocean tech cluster that supports five key sectors of the new ocean economy; Defence and security, fisheries and aquaculture, energy, marine transportation and marine tourism.