power distribution - lighting - fire alarm and life safety - communications - security access control - CCTV

Our Electrical engineering team is a key driver for many of our projects. We have the expertise to lead and the knowledge to inform key decisions on a number of project types. The team is large and very experienced, our work includes projects for Power Distribution, High Voltage Grids, Microgrids, Communications & CCTV, Lighting, Fire Alarm and Life Safety systems, High Security & Building Access Controls, Industrial Process and Machine Controls, and Performance Monitoring & Testing.

Our Electrical engineering projects can either be very focused or require the involvement of multiple engineering disciplines. Depending on the scale and scope of the project, our electrical engineering teams lead and manage their own groups or, as is often the case with many of complex projects, work as part of a team to deliver results for our clients

C.O.V.E Renovation

The C.O.V.E (Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship) was constructed to become an ocean tech cluster that supports five key sectors of the new ocean economy; Defence and security, fisheries and aquaculture, energy, marine transportation and marine tourism.

COX Institute

After a devastating fire in 2018, EastPoint was contracted by Dalhousie to aid in re-establishing the labs, teaching space, collaborative learning areas, and office space for university professors and students in a key building on the Agricultural campus in Truro.

Maritime Link Converter Stations

As part of a $600 million endeavor, EastPoint was hired by ABB to support the design of two buildings at the converter station.

Sustane Technologies

EastPoint was hired as the prime consultant by Sustane Technologies Inc. (Sustane) to design a new facility which Sustane would own.