New Building Commissioning - Envelope Commissioning - Retro Commissioning - Recommissioning

New Building Commissioning
New buildings have commissioning requirements to meet their goals (LEED, Green Globes, ASHRAE, CSA Standards). Our teams work within these frameworks to provide confidence that your building systems meet the project requirements. Our teams can work after design or as a 3rd party to other projects to meet these new commissioning needs.

Envelope Commissioning
Envelope commissioning validates a building's exterior envelope construction and performance— which helps to reduce energy consumption, to protect the indoor environment, and to meet the owner’s requirements.

Retro Commissioning
Existing buildings that have not been previously commissioned benefit from retro-commissioning. This stage aims to reduce energy, to improve occupant comfort, and to make sure any designed changes in the owner’s requirements are being met.

Recommissioning is a “tune up” of a previously commissioned buildings. This process makes sure the building systems still meet the facility goals. Recommissioning should be completed every 3-5 years to address equipment wear, changes in space requirements, or to identify areas requiring more rigorous maintenance.