Maritime Link Converter Stations

EastPoint was hired by ABB to support the design of a dozen different structures and buildings at the converter stations in newfoundland and Nova Scotia. This project is an integral part of building the Maritime Link, both in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Maritime Link is a massive energy project that aims to bring high quality renewable electrical power to Nova Scotia. The converter station buildings are 3,600 sq. ft. steel buildings.

Service Highlights


As critical infrastructure the converter stations are designed specifically for a Post-Disaster importance category and used an innovative approach to develop strong super-structures capable of suspending heavy electrical equipment.

BIM and Technology:

The entire building was 3D modeled in Revit which reduced design time and allowed clash detection and design discussions to take place in real time with a complete understanding of the designed layout.


The complex integrations of high voltage electrical equipment and the balance of potential interferences at the site required out of the box thinking and collaboration between stakeholders.