Architecture, Engineering, and Sustainability Consultants

At EastPoint, we build strength and longevity.

We’re experts in structure, energy, and the environment, but our approach goes beyond the use of machinery, concrete, steel, or rock. When we start a project, we ask ourselves one question: How can what we’re building create value?

We think long-term, incorporating the safety, reliability, and predictability that makes your building, bridge, road, or asset work well, and cost less to run for decades and beyond.

What we do is often invisible—if we’ve done our job right, everything just works. But what you can see is the vibrancy of a well-built city and community. And that’s what we do every day.

About EastPoint

The world is changing. Climate change, social values, and technological progress all shape a the new context impacting our communities and the built environment. As architects, engineers, and designers, it’s in our nature to seek out new approaches and ways of thinking to meet emerging challenges and opportunities facing society. But yet—despite the complexity in which we operate—the core of who we are and how we approach our work at EastPoint hasn’t changed in our 20-year history.

It’s steady and it’s simple: we focus on people, build relationships, and have open candid conversations to learn what matters to our clients and to explore questions our clients might not know to ask. By taking a collaborative, value-driven approach, we explore areas of resiliency, safety, reliability, affordability, and user experience—one conversation at a time.


EASTPOINT is growing – Please learn more about us and see our current opportunities on our careers page.

Our Vision

Be the employer of choice in our industry

Be a trusted design partner with our clients

To always be a strong voice in our community